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Free consultation and other services for apartment building owners

Free consultation regarding:

  • market price estimate,
  • maximum yield,

  • use of residential, comercial and attic spaces.

Real estate activities

  • public and private sale of your property under approved conditions. First of all we will offer your house to our internal investors with whom we have long-term cooperation and we know their investment plan. We are willing to carry out viewings only in case of serious interest. You will always know in advance who the potential buyer is. Sale of your house is a trade secret and we treat it accordingly. Mutual trust is crucial for us,
  • sale of single units - we will provide you with a calculation of how much the yield from the sale of units would be comparing to the sale of the whole house and we will take care of the whole process,
  • rentals of apartments and commercial premises – all potential tenants are carefully checked, we are able to recognize non-payers right at the beginning. We work with both international and Czech corporate clients,
  • audit of existing leases for the purpose of possible increase of yield - we can assess your current rental prices and compare them with the current market. We will advise you on necessary steps to make your residential or commercial properties occupied as quickly as possiblel.

Facility management

Best service for best price on the current property market!

We offer complete Facility management service:

  • technical,
  • administrative,
  • accountant.  

You can choose only the area that you need!

Our facility manager will immediately send you an estimated offer, then he will be happy to meet you in person to look at the house and answer all your questions.

Other services and business partners that we can recommend:

  • An experienced smaller building company from Prague, with which we have been cooperating for a long time. The owner of the company will come for a meeting and within 2 days he will send you a quote for the required work which can include roof repair, moisture remediation, electrical installation, plumbing, etc.

  • Advice on the property layout before reconstruction, equipment, furnishings etc. We know exactly what the clients - your future tenants - require. We have successfully found home for many thousands of clients..

  • Use of attic space - We will advise on the possibilities of using your attic and we will immediately provide a quote from the above mentioned building company. We can guarantee the quality and result without unnecessary extra work cost. We can also recommend a loan that would be paid off with your future rents.

  • Legal service - Experienced law firm Mgr. Dagmar Pecková who specializes in real estate law. They will take care of you with priority upon our recommendation.

  • Designer, planner,

  • revision specialists,

  • plumbers, craftsmen, painters,

  • gardeners, high-altitude work​,

  • building energy performance​,

  • cleaning company or cleaning lady for single apartments​,

  • audit of the current building insurance​,

  • company providing subsidies for insulation and other modifications aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the house - New Green Savings program

We have been successfully operating on the Prague real estate market for more than 2 decades and we have 12 year experience in property management. There is nothing that we cannot advise on or that we would not be able to arrange.

Do not hesitate to contact us or stop by our office in Vinohrady.
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