About the history of real estate agency Happy House Rentals with its owner and executive director Blazena Polaharova

When and how was the company established?
My company was established at the end of the 90's. It was not easy to succeed in the real estate market ten years after the Velvet revolution. For the first two years I managed the company myself and because I wanted to build up a connection with the rest of the world, I concentrated especially on English speaking clients because at that time a lot of them were coming to Prague either for work or pleasure so I set up a small office in my flat.

How did Happy House Rentals manage to succeed in the property market?
I don't want it to sound like a cliche but I am sure that the key to our success was personal approach and excellent service. Main focus of the company were long term rentals of flats and houses. After some time we expanded and created a new sales department and rental of commercial properties. Our speciality was short term rentals and rentals for several months.

Can you describe the development of your company?
After the first two years there was a period of six very successful years. The company management expanded and our team had almost 20 members. We created one of the biggest property database in Prague and started offering a complete real estate service. We moved from our first small office in Soukenicka street to the Langhans palace in Vodickova street. As we all know, life and business always bring some unexpected challenges. When I returned from a longer stay in USA, I had to take over the whole management of Happy House Rentals, otherwise I would have lost it. We handeled all personal changes in the team, moved to a different address and carried on with successful business on the property market. Unfortunately, the good name of Happy House Rentals is still being abused by another real estate agency with a similar name.
Happy House Rentals is now a limited company and it is a member of the Association of Real Estate Agencies in the Czech Republic. We opened another very successful department - Property management of flats and houses, suitable especially for landlords living abroad or outside of Prague. The latest service that we have recently introduced is Lease to own option.
All our service is supervised by a very renowned legal company called Máchal & Bobek.

How was Happy House Rentals affected by the frequently discussed economy crises?
I think that the crises tested our stability and proved that a business strategy spreading across different departments of the company, including the size of the comany, flexibility, creative teamwork and personal approach to our customers were our benefit.

How would you describe the current situation in your company?
It feels like another act in the real estate adventure play. Happy House Rentals is back with its "one woman show" supported by an excellent team.
Happy House Rentals has always offered professionalism hand in hand with keeping things simple and a good sense of humor.
Our unmistakable logo, colorful office in a beautiful cubism building of Urbankuv Dvur designed by famous architect Jan Kotera in Jungmannova street with a very friendly and characterful team and the important four-legged member (first Rudolf, now Waldo) are all important parts of the company.
We are a boutique real estate agency where both landlords and clients feel like "at home" and they enjoy coming back.

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