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It involves the evaluation of annual energy consumption for heating, hot water preparation, use of air-conditioning system (air moistening and air drying), cooling, ventilation and lighting. Evaluation is being relative to 1 m² of the total floor area and comparison with reference value. It is a form of consumer protection for the purchase or lease of the property. Classification of the energy performance of the building is divided into classification classes A to G.
ATTENTION do not confuse with the energetic label, which only evaluate the permeability of the building's facade!

From 1st January 2013 the amendment of the Act No. 406/2000 Coll. shall become effective and the obligation to elaborate the energy performance certificate will be demand of the owner of the building or community of the owners are obliged to provide the certificate:

1. in case of SELLING  the building or a part of the building to possible purchaser of the building or a part of the building before conclusion of the contracts related to the purchase of the building This includes the following:

  • Family houses registered on the title deed as objects for living above 50 m²
  • Commercial and administrative buildings
  • Residential units over 50 m² (up to 2016 can be replaced by the presentation of three invoices for the annual energy bill for the unit, but the customer still may require a license that may be issued specifically to one housing unit, or a uniform for the entire apartment building and used by all owner)

2.    In case of RENTING  the entire building to possible tenant of the building before conclusion RENTING

  • Property held for housing - an integral part of the building (area greater than 50 m2)
  • Commercial buildings, office buildings (the entire buildings that are rented as commercial space, offices)
  • Administrative state administration buildings with an area of more than 500 m2 (from 1st of July 2013)

ENB validity of the license is 10 years, if the building has not been renovated for over 25% of the facade. The new property owner is entitled to claim from the original owner processing of the license or delivery of the energy invoices to three years back from the date of the purchase agreement was signed.

PENB Energy Performance Certificate – when you do not need it:

  • transfer of ownership by a gift, inheritance, division of joint property of spouses, the transfer of ownership to private cooperative
  • for temporary buildings with planned life time within 2 years
  • for experimental buildings
  • for buildings with temporary use, especially for religious activities
  • for residential buildings determined for use shorter than 4 months during the year
  • for standalone buildings with total floor area smaller than 50 m2
  • for buildings containing the internal technological sources of heat
  • for production buildings in the industrial premises
  • for premises and non-residential agricultural buildings
  • with low annual energy consumption for heating


Often people had registered the cottages and chalets as a place suitable for permanent use. This happened mainly because of the property tax, which in this case is lower than for recreational facilities. If the owner of such building decides to sell the cottage energy certificate must be issued!

Pricing and data processing:

Prices for processing license PENB vary according to the size of the property from CZK 2,500 (new buildings) up to CZK 9,000 (apartment houses, office buildings). Processing ranges from 3-7 days and the speed also depends on the price.

Statutory penalties:

  • If the owner of the apartment or the building does not prove energy certificate to the purchase agreement, it runs the risk of fines in the range of 50 to 100 thousand. (Responsible is the owner, not the real estate agent nor the new owner!)
  • According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade sanctions will not be applied until the end of March 2013, but the obligation to attach license to the agreement remain!
  • Any attempts to achieve better value from unfair practices can lead to questioning the quality of the label at the court and selling real estate can easily turn into a nightmare.

Changes after 2016:

  • Gradually groups of properties for which the license will be required would be amplified. After 2016 it is planned that the license will be mandatory for all properties.
  • It will no longer sufficient to submit energy bills. Cooperative as the owner will be required to provide certificates for all apartments
  • The obligation to draw PENB for the apartment building will not be only for purpose of sale of the building or its parts, but also from its very essence of existing. Obligation arises gradual replenishment PENB follows:
  • Buildings with area larger than 1500 m² from the 1st of January 2015
  • Buildings with area larger than 1000 m² from the 1st of January 2017
  • Buildings with area smaller than 1000 m² from the 1st of January 2019


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