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We offer professional and efficient service to local and foreign investors. We have several years of experiences in property and facility management, owned by direct owners, as well as housing associations or condominium, and from those experiences we pick our best to assure you a service on a professional level, cut costs and services provided transparently. We have created a system that ensures that you are informed and have your property under control.

We continue to educate and still looking for and have an overview of the constantly changing legislation.

The Offer you receive from us is complete. We offer a comprehensive property management and ensure it according to your needs, from basic economic management of the house to the technical management of the house.


Complete property management services includes, by:

1) Technical Facility management

  • Servicing, maintenance and inspection - monitoring and ensuring the statutory revisions of technical installations in the building, such as. A review of electrical equipment and conductors, review and inspection of gas appliances, control of fire protection, control and inspection of fire extinguishers, regular maintenance and inspection of elevators, regular inspections chimneys, providing troubleshooting of control and revision through specialized professionals and businesses. Relevant documents, certificates and inspection reports we also store.
  • Services - providing services related to the use of units: In the context of ensuring the supply of power. Energy, gas, hot water, water, TV antenna, removal of municipal waste in particular:
    • Ensuring the operative removal of faults and malfunctions, or their notification to the administrators listed utilities along with providing synergies for the urgent removal of faults and malfunctions,
    • Ensure the review of technical equipment, including a revision of fire protection and archiving of these revisions or reports,
    • Ensuring deduction consumption and bill for individual owners,
    • Ensure the fulfillment of the obligations imposed by the owner in safety, sanitation, fire and other related standards.
  • Cleaning services - we provide cleaning of common areas throughout the year (including the removal of snow and ice in the winter months), in accordance with government regulations, including contracting with relevant service providers and their periodic inspection. If necessary, we also provide emergency and special cleaning services (ex. Vandalism or other exceptional event). According to the possibilities we find also the originator of the event and will draw the necessary measures.
  • Maintenance and repairs - Provide the necessary adjustments and corrections in the jointly occupied areas of the building.
  • Emergency service - we provide 24-hour emergency service
  • House Rules - elaborate house rules and approval by the Committee condominium acquainted with him all the users in the building. Check its compliance and, if necessary, in violation of his proper person we cautioned. In case of repeated violations, we operate under an agreement with you.
  • Advise on issues related to insurance house and upon your request we can assume responsibilities in matters of negotiation and conclusion of insurance contracts and their annual renewal.
    • We handle insurance claim relating to the common areas of the house.
    • We provide all the necessary contacts with the authorities,
    • Assembly owners - participate in meetings of the Assembly, we ensure its organization- delivered invitations to all the owners at the meeting, we report on its activities, we provide minutes of the meeting and this then distributed to all owners of units.
  • Building security - provide all necessary actions to ensure the safety of the building according to your needs and wishes.
  • Piecing draft plan repairs.
  • We provide processing of passports areas of the house.
  • Ensuring design activities for the reconstruction, rebuilding and modification of residential units and common areas of the house.
  • Maintains and administers a Web bulletin board, allowing them to ensure rapid communication with you and between you and the proprietors always have an overview of what is happening.

2) Economic Property management

  • Collection - provide receipts operating expenses and other payments arising from the ownership and use residential / commercial / units in the house. Reminders are sent in accordance with the instructions of the client.
    • In cases due payments that are unenforceable despite the sending of reminders, we propose further measures.
  • Payments and reimbursements - provide synergy to owners of units to the controller fulfill the following duties:
    1. refer to the provider's account monthly advance on the management of the house and deposit on the prices of services provided in connection with the use of the unit,
    2. reimburse providers of any arrears bill payments on the building administration and services prices,
    3. promptly notify in writing all providers decisive for determining the amount of payments
    4. We immediately inform the provider by writing of the transfer of ownership of the unit.
  • Bookkeeping, checks - checks all incoming invoices, check their accuracy, perform their reimbursement. We monitor all account statements.
  • Each month we provide financial liquidity, where you can find the planned income and expenditure survey or borrowers like.
  • Budget, Internal Planning - On request we make available all documents necessary for the preparation of the annual budget or advise you on your wishes in the area of ​​budgets,
  • Activity Report - an annual report on their activities.
  • Backups - If necessary, adjust the amount of monthly advances on the prices of services.

3) Accountancy

  • We are responsible for properly conducted accounting in accordance with relevant regulations and legal standards
  • Ensuring keeping comprehensive records of owners of residential and commercial units within the apartment building,
  • The draft Regulation of the contribution to cover administration building owners of units,
  • The draft Regulation of the advanced payments of services related to the use of units and their billing for individual unit owners,
  • Submit regular monthly reports on the ledger of individual owners and the instructions prescribes penalties,
  • Settlement of overpayments and underpayments bill advances for services
  • Evidence received and issued tax documents and bank statements,
  • Issuing invoices,
  • Processing of payment orders
  • Keeping cash book,
  • Records and evidence of internal documents
  • The preparation of annual financial statements
  • Processing of tax returns for the condominium, monitoring tax obligations,
  • Negotiations with the tax authorities and the relevant public authorities,
  • Preserving and archiving the books, accounts and documents with the consent of the contracting authority and taking into account applicable laws.
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