Although not living in Prague we have purchased an apartment as an investment in that city. Since 2008 and until end of 2015 Happy House Rentals has been the agency responsible to get the apartment rented; finally we decided to sell it, and with the help of Martina, that goal was also achieved after only one month; with the plus of not needing to travel to accomplish it.

I fully recommend working with this Agency. Very professional and committed.

Marc Mayo, Spain

With Happy House Rentals you can relax secure in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you whether it’s buying, selling or renting by an expert and dedicated team of people.
John Flynn, Dublin

Dear Monika,
we are really grateful for the work you have done helping us to rent a house in Prague. You were so committed and precise, always in time for the viewings, ready to explain and assist - and we have achieved the needed result just in 4 days! Amazing job! Thank you very much - and thanks to your company for having such fantastic employees!
Evgenia Galstyan, Praha

After years of working with less than honest property advisers in and around Prague, fighting over lost money, poor service, dissatisfied tenants, lies, missing keys, missing rent - every landlords nightmares, I switched to Happy House Rentals. Now, I can honestly say, I sleep a lot more easily. Being a landlord abroad is hard work. It is a great feeling to feel you can finally trust someone to take care of your assets, your tenants and your financial interests.

I have to really thank Adela and her team for fine and hard work thus far. Well done and thanks.

Michael Porteous, Singapore

I am indeed enjoying my new home here in Prague. What a wonderful place it is. I found your agency on the Internet when doing a Google search for Czech long term flat accomodation and HHR came up. It looked friendly and hospitable as a website and I liked the ease of navigating your website and the ability to look at housing online and see the different rooms etc.

Many thanks again for your all enthusiasm, care and interest in finding me this flat, I really love it here. Look forward to keeping in touch,
All best wishes,

Joanna Ransome, England


It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Happy House Rentals and Adela Press my property manager.
Adela has been managing my property in the Czech Republic for over two years. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Adela and Happy House Rentals.
I do not live in the Czech Republic nor am I a Czech citizen but I have the utmost confidence in Adela's professionalism,honesty and work ethic that I have never once encountered a problem with my rental property that was not rapidly solved. I cannot say enough positive things about Adela and Happy House Rentals.
I would highly recommend Happy House Rentals to be your management company of choice. There are other management companies in Czech Republic but having used another company (which I discovered later to have been dishonest) before Happy House Rentals I can state from experience that Happy House Rentals/Adela has your best interests as their primary goal.

Mr.Randolph Blum, Las Vegas NV


Happy House rentals are highly professional and very passionate about the job they do. The response and help is always there.They are always have time to reply to customer questions and concerns in time. I live overseas and Happy house rentals team manages my property in Czech Republic very well.

Aydin Aghazade, Ireland


During my recent relocation to Prague recently, I employed the assistance of Jana Richterova from Happy House Rentals. Her assistance in terms of understanding and providing suggestions exceeded the requirements of the type, location and amenities of the apartment that I had been seeking. Moreover, I cannot comment enough on the exemplary level of high touch service and responsiveness to follow up requests. Jana Richterova and Happy House Rentals have gone above and beyond the expected customer service on multiple occasions. I would highly recommend utilizing Happy House Rentals and am a raving fan of the work that Jana Richterova has executed to make my relocation to Prague smooth and issue free.

Himanshu Kumar, England

I can only highly recommend the agent Romana Thelenova, and Happy House Rentals after successfully closing a deal on the purchase of a new flat in Prague! Ms. Thelenova speaks perfect English, answered any questions I had right away, isn't arrogant like so many agents I've dealt with and in general it was an amazingly responsible experience. I've read about the unfortunate rip-off schemes that exist in the Czech real estate market (or at least they did years ago) and I was very weary. Ms. Romana did everything by the books, kept me updated on all the processes, explained the law and procedures as many times as I needed and made sure everything went smoothly. My flat had a debt on it from the previous owner and the agency took all the necessary steps to clear it, made sure the transaction went through a trusted escrow account and responded to all my requests without problems. It was really easy doing business with them! I've recommended Ms.Thelenova and happy house to my other American friend again.

Ostrovskaya Marianna, Praha

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